Fiberglass Structural Composites

Soundscape Composite Soundwalls

6600 Services LLC is proud to offer the Soundscape Soundwall System as the composite solution for noise pollution. Suitable for all exterior applications, the Soundscape System provides the most cost effective modular soundbarrier available on the market today. It's unique composite structure allows for simple and quick installation utilizing a post and panel design to erect an effective sound barrier wall. The "tongue in groove" design of the Soundscape planks provides a wall system that is lightweight and can be installed without the need for heavy equipment. Soundscape meets or exceeds all DOT and ASSHTO guidelines for soundbarrier performance and carries a Sound Transmission Class rating of STC30. The Soundscape Sound Barrier System is self supporting to spans of 24 feet and requires no foundations except at the support post locations. We offer complete "turn-key" installation packages providing all materials and labor to complete your Soundscape Soundwall.

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50 Plus Year Life Cycle

Modular Lightweight Design

Sound Transmission Class Rating of 30

Never Rusts Rots or Corrodes

No Heavy Equipment Needed for Installation

Structurally Self Supporting / Minimal Foundations

Let us show you how a Soundscape Sound Barrier can provide the most cost effective noise mitagation for your site. Let us provide a free quotation.

Typical Soundscape Sound Barrier Wall separating a neighborhood from a adjacent commercial area. Details like this color acccent stripe are easily added.

Here a Soundscape Sound Barrier System is being installed to separate an apartment complex from a busy Interstate Highway.