FRP Fiberglass Structural Composites

Firing Range Containment Walls

6600 Services LLC was the originator of the Firing Range Safety Containment Wall concept which utilizes FRP ballistic resistant composite panels to create a safety barrier system. Our range wall systems provide a cost effective method of enclosing your firing range that offers true ballistic protection from mis-directed shots and ricochet.

Anytime live fire is used to sharpen the marksmen's skills, the potential for unintended injury exists. By utilizing our Range Containment Wall System you can dramatically decrease this hazard. Our HS Armor panels are manufactured to the UL752 Level 3 performance standard which means they are capable of stopping repeated shots from a .44 Magnum handgun without penetration. Their unique composite construction allows the panel to capture and retain the projectile to prevent dangerous ricochet back into the range area.

Our Firing Range Wall Containment System utilizes FRP Support beams to create a total composite system that will never rust, rot, or corrode. The system is designed to provide 20+ years of dependable service even in the harshest outdoor environments with minimal maintenance. At 6600 Services LLC we offer complete turn-key range wall systems that include design, fabrication, and installation. Let us show you how we can make your range safer.

                                  Range Walls for the City of Atlanta Police Academy

                       Composite Ballistic Resistant Panels create a cost effective safety barrier.