FRP Fiberglass Structural Composites

Safety Flooring Systems

     In today's workplace, slip and fall injuries are among the most common and most expensive preventable accidents according to a recent insurance industry study. To eliminate this potential hazard, 6600 Services LLC offers an engineered approach designed to provide you the most effective composite solution utilizing the many different flooring options available today. We custom design a solution specific to your needs and budget that offers your workers the slip protection required for safe daily operation. Many times the entire cost of the "Safety Flooring System" will be less than the cost of a single workplace injury.

      Our engineered "Safety Flooring Systems" are ideal for both the wet / oily areas as well as the dry powder covered walking surfaces in your facility. They provide superior traction compared to traditional diamond plate and tape. Our flooring system provides the maximum "anti-slip" walking surface with the benefits of fiberglass composite construction. They are available with a Heavy Duty Quartz or Aluminum Oxide gritted surface to provide years of dependable service even in the harshest environments. They will never rust, rot, or corrode and are both thermally and electrically non conductive.

      Let us provide a no cost evaluation of your specific application.


  FRP Grating is ideal for wet / oily walking surfaces and is being used here to replace worn and corroded metal grating.

Lightweight and maintenance free, FRP Grating is perfect for rooftop ramps and walkways across membrane roofing systems.


FRP Stair Tread Covers provide non-slip surface over existing metal stairs.

Stairways are the most likely areas to create serious injuries from a fall. 

6600 Services LLC can provide simple cost effective methods to provide a safe, non slip, walking surfaces for your facility's stairways. From complete composite stair systems, replacement composite stair treads, to inexpensive composite stair tread covers, we have the high performance composite solution to fit your needs.