FRP Fiberglass Structural Composites

MRI Room Flooring Systems

6600 Services LLC is a provider of non metallic elevated flooring systems. These flooring systems are recommended by the major MRI machine manufacturers because of their non metallic construction.   Their unique composite design allows for a raised access flooring system that durable and virtually maintenance free.  Each fiberglass panel comes as a two foot square that can be fabricated on site to be custom fitted to your application. The floor panels are supported by adjustable pedestals that allow the MRI machine controls and wiring to be safety located below the walking surfaces. These "Quad" head adjustable pedestals securely lock the flooring panels together and allow for correction of out of level subfloors.

6600 Services LLC offers complete "turn-key" systems including design, materials, fabrication, and installation. Let us send you a proposal on your next project.

Composite Raised Access Flooring System Being installed in an MRI Equipment Room

       Non Metallic Raised Access Flooring System being installed in the MRI Room.