FRP Fiberglass Structural Composites

FRP Structural Shapes are available in all the common steel configuations but provide the all the advantages of fiberglass composites. They are lightweight, corrosion resistant and non conductive both thermally and electrically. They offer high strength to weight ratios and when properly designed can produce structures with long life spans that require minimum maintenance. FRP Structural shapes are available in three resin systems designed for different environments.


 ISO  Olive Green Color is an Isophthalic Polyester

 ISOFR  Dark Gray is an Isophthalic Polyester with fire retardant

 VEFR  Beige Color is a Vinyl Ester with fire retardant


t = white pigment standard   * = yellow pigment standard

Wide Flange Beams

Square Tubes

Concrete Embed Angle

Equal Leg FRP Angles