FRP Fiberglass Structural Composites

Fiberglass Handrail and Ladder Systems are lightweight, corrosion proof, and never need to be painted. Constructed to meet OSHA standards, these durable composite systems provide a maintenance free alternative to steel and aluminum units. Built of pultruded square tubes the safety yellow color is integral to the product and will never peel or flake off.

We custom build each system to insure a proper fit. We apply a secondary UV coating for those outdoor applications that insures years of trouble free service. Handrails are available with either a side mounting, pocket mounting, or stainless steel stanchion bases to suit your application.  Ladders are available with varying stand-offs and safety cages to insure the safest system available.

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Side Mount system attached to steel framing.

Handrails on stairs and platforms

FRP Handrail on steel platform

FRP Ladder with Walk Through and handrails.